Petal Search is a search engine developed by Huawei, a Chinese technology company, that was launched in 2020. The search engine is available on Huawei smartphones and can be downloaded as a standalone app for Android and iOS devices. The Petal Search search algorithm is designed to provide accurate and relevant search results for users, with a focus on local information and services. The search engine offers a range of search options, including web, image, video, news, and more, and users can filter their results by language, country, and category. The Petal Search interface is modern and user-friendly, with search results displayed in a clear and concise manner. The search engine also offers a voice search feature, which allows users to search for information using their voice. Additionally, Petal Search has a "Privacy Center" feature that allows users to view and manage their search and browsing history, as well as their app permissions. The Petal Search commitment to user privacy is also notable, with the search engine collecting minimal user data and providing end-to-end encryption for search queries. Overall, Petal Search is a reliable and user-friendly search engine that offers a unique search experience for Huawei smartphone users.