MetaGer is a search engine that was launched in 1996 with a focus on privacy and user data protection. Based in Germany, MetaGer has a strong reputation for providing search results that are free from censorship and bias. The search engine uses a metasearch approach, which means it aggregates search results from multiple sources, including Google and Microsoft Bing, to provide comprehensive and relevant results. MetaGer also has its own search algorithm, which prioritizes user privacy and data protection, ensuring that users' search histories and personal information are not collected or shared with third-party companies. The search engine offers a range of search options, including web, image, video, news, and more, and users can customize their search results by using filters, such as language and country. Additionally, MetaGer has a browser extension that allows users to search privately and securely from their browsers. MetaGer also offers a unique feature called "MetaGer for the Environment," which plants a tree for every 1000 search queries made through the search engine. Overall, MetaGer is a reliable and privacy-focused search engine that provides an alternative to more mainstream options for users who value their privacy and data protection.