Mojeek is a search engine founded in 2004 that aims to provide users with a privacy-focused and ethical search experience. The search engine's algorithm is designed to prioritize user privacy, with no tracking cookies, personal data collection, or targeted advertising. Instead, Mojeek uses its own crawler technology to index the web, ensuring that search results are independent and unbiased. The search engine also provides users with a search history feature that allows them to view their search queries and easily delete them if desired. The Mojeek search results are also free from commercial influence, with no paid placements or sponsored content. The search engine offers a variety of search options, including web, image, video, news, and more, and users can filter their results by language, country, and date. Additionally, Mojeek offers a "SafeSearch" feature that allows users to filter out explicit content from their search results. The search engine's interface is clean and user-friendly, with search results displayed in a clear and concise manner. Overall, Mojeek provides a refreshing alternative to more mainstream search engines by offering a privacy-focused and ethical search experience.