All the Internet is a metasearch engine and multisearch engine that was launched in 1999 with the aim of providing users with a more comprehensive search experience. Unlike traditional search engines that only show results from a single database, All the Internet aggregates results from multiple search engines and databases, including Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Wikipedia, among others. This means that users can get a wider range of results for their queries, increasing their chances of finding the information they are looking for. Additionally, All the Internet offers a range of other features, including image and video search, news and shopping results, and the ability to search specific countries or regions. The website is designed with a clean and simple interface that is easy to use, with search results displayed in an organized and logical manner. Despite facing competition from well-established search engines, All the Internet has attracted a growing user base due to its unique approach and commitment to providing comprehensive search results. With the explosion of data on the internet, All the Internet is poised to become a valuable tool for users looking for a more in-depth search experience.